Filling Degree Plan

The student is required to develop a graduate degree program in collaboration with the principal advisor and a student advisory committee (SAC) for both the MS and Ph.D. degrees. Before filling out a degree program, the student should meet with her/his SAC to discuss a course plan. After first meeting is complete, the student is required to submit a Committee Reporting form signed by all the members of SAC to the program coordinator (not DGS).

A student's "program" is the list of courses that the student will complete to receive his/her degree. It should list all coursework to meet degree requirements in the major field and in the minor (if selected), including any transfer work. At least two-thirds of the total number of course credits included on any degree program planner must be taken A-F. To develop a degree plan the student should use an online tool called Graduate Planning & Audit System (GPAS). The GPAS consists of two parts that work together: the planner and the audit (advisement report). The planner allows you to map out future coursework you plan to complete for your degree(s). The audit displays how you are fulfilling your degree requirements based on the coursework you have completed and are planning to take. To access GPAS, go to the Degree-Progress sub-tab in MyU: Academics and click the "Grad Planning & Audit System" link. Here is step-by-step process to complete a degree plan. Once the student completes the planner and hits “Submit for approval” button, the system will route the form to the advisor(s) and the Director of Graduate Studies for their approvals. The student will be notified via email by the Graduate Student Services and Progress (GSSP) when the degree  program has been approved.

For MS students, the program should be filed by the end of their first year. For PhD students, the program must be filed before the student can take any preliminary exams. The Graduate School requires that students should submit their completed degree program forms to the Graduate School at least the semester before the written prelim and two semesters before the preliminary oral examination.

Students may request to transfer graduate course credits earned at another graduate institution by selecting "Enter transfer coursework" link in GPAS and filling out the courses to be transfered. Graduate credits earned at other recognized graduate institutions may be applied to MS or doctoral degrees, if the coursework is graduate level and was taught by faculty authorized to teach graduate courses. Official transcripts of the graded work must submitted to the GSSP, unless it was submitted during the admission process to the Graduate School. Transfer of graduate credit is not allowed for courses taken before the awarding of a baccalaureate degree.

Once approved by the Graduate School, the program must be fulfilled in every detail to meet graduation requirements and before the final oral examination can be scheduled. No changes can be made except by petition. Program changes should be requested by completing a petition form.

Doctoral students who would like to add a Master along the way should fill out this form