Conservation Sciences Seminar Series

Conservation through Collaboration, Spring 2019


As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, collaboration across diverse disciplines and backgrounds is even more important, especially in conservation, where complex issues require creative solutions.  Successful cooperation with people not of our discipline and beyond academia can broaden our scope, strengthen our research, and inspire thinking outside institutional silos.  This semester’s seminar speakers are invited to explore this theme of collaboration in a series of talks ranging from interdisciplinary work and interagency collaborations to connections between ecosystems and conservation across cultures.

Seminar takes place on Fridays from 12:00-1:00 pm in 335 Borlaug Hall.  Coffee/tea and cookies 10 minutes before!


 Please click here to download seminar schedule 






Jess Kozarek

University of Minnesota, St. Anthony Falls Lab

Removing roadblocks: Maintaining stream connectivity at road-stream crossings


Elaine Evans

University of Minnesota, Bee Lab

Tracking endangered bees with community science


Forest Isbell

University of Minnesota, EEB, Cedar Creek

The dependence of ecosystem functioning on biodiversity across scales


Laura Dee

University of Minnesota, FWCB

Global change ecology to conserve ecosystems and their services


Hannah Texler

Minnesota Biological Survey

Minnesota’s New Ecological Monitoring Network – Collecting Long Term Status and Trends Data on the State’s Native Vegetation


Ere Aceves

Duke University Marine Lab

Designing spatially explicit property rights for moving fish


Stan Pruszenski

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (retired)

Collaboration in conservation - A wildlife law enforcement perspective


Lesley Knoll

University of Minnesota, Itasca Biological Station

Consequences of lake and river ice loss on human activities


NO SEMINAR – SPRING BREAK                                                                                                      NO SEMINAR – SPRING BREAK


Shannon Barber-Meyer

U.S. Geological Survey

15 years out from you ... adventures in research and career- and life-lessons learned from a UMN alumna 15 years later.


Lucinda Johnson

Natural Resources Research Institute

Temperature and Flow as Drivers of Stream Biota in Minnesota's North Shore Streams


Jesse barber

Boise State University

  Sensory Ecology as a Lens into Natural History


Dominic Travis

University of Minnesota, College of Vet Med

Chimpanzee health and conservation in the anthropogenic: what does the Gombe National Park story reveal?'


Amy Marcarelli

Michigan Tech University

Integrating Teaching and Research into Understanding the Yin and Yang of Aquatic N Cycling


Adam Landon

Minnesota DNR

Assessing public support for chronic wasting disease (CWD) management response in Minnesota