Bhim B. Gurung

PhD Thesis Title

Ecological and Sociological Aspects of Human-Tiger Conflicts in Chitwan National Park, Nepal.


MS Thesis Title

Mapping the Meta-Population Structure of Tigers Throughout Nepal By Establishing a Tiger Monitoring Network of "Village Rangers."


Current position

Post Doctoral Research Associate, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Current job description

I am a tiger conservationist. I work in collaboration with government, national and international non-governmental organizations, and local communities in tiger research, anti-poaching programs and conservation, particularly in Nepal. Currently, my work involves community based anti-poaching and biodiversity monitoring. I organize training workshops for local villagers, park rangers in tiger, tiger prey surveys and anti-poaching awareness to build their capacities.

photo of Bhim Gurung
Gurung taking GPS location at site where a woman was killed on 20th January 2004 while collecting thatching grass in Madi Valley, buffer zone community forest of Chitwan National Park.