Bonnie Sample

MS Thesis Title

Restored Urban Prairies as Habitat for Grassland Birds: If You Build it, Who Will Come?


Current position

Current job description

State coordinator for the Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas (MNBBA), a 5-year state-wide survey to document breeding birds in Minnesota. Responsible for recruiting, supporting, and retaining hundreds of (maybe more than a thousand) volunteers and 32 regional coordinators. Other responsibilities include developing/maintaining websites, creating promotional materials, coordinating reporting protocols, conducting presentations and workshops, writing instructional materials, managing project administration. This is the most comprehensive breeding bird survey ever conducted in MN and will provide current, science-based data for conservation planning at local (to the township), county, state, and regional levels. It will also be the baseline for measuring changes to breeding bird distributions. Surveys are conducted by citizen scientists, a critical component of an increasing number of research projects.