Brandon M. Breen

MS Thesis Title

Sheep farmers and turkey vultures (Cathartes aura) in the Falkland Islands: From conflict to coexistence.


Current position

Outreach and Communications Specialist, Klamath Bird Observatory, Ashland, Oregon

Current job description

In my position I work to ensure effective outreach, science delivery, community education, and marketing in support of Klamath Bird Observatory's mission to advance bird and habitat conservation through science, education, and partnerships. My position uses a few distinct pathways to advance bird and habitat conservation. I educate the public about some of the fascinating characteristics of their bioregion, which fosters pride in one's place and commitments to land stewardship. I also synthesize the best, relevant scientific knowledge into targeted documents for land managers; such documents empower land managers to take advantage of bird conservation opportunities while they work within agency constraints. One of the reasons I enjoy my position has to do with the sweet sound of clear, accurate, tactful communication about the immense value of the natural world.

photo of Brandon Breen