David D. Huff

PhD Thesis Title

Examining genetic diversity, outbreeding depression, and local adaptation in a native fish reintroduction program.


Current position

Postdoctoral Scholar, NOAA, National Marine Fisheries Service, University of California, Santa Cruz, Southwest Fisheries Science Center, Santa Cruz, CA

Current job description

I work at the Institute of Marine Sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz and National Marine Fisheries Service conducting original research. My projects include building habitat models that describe and predict the extent of (ESA listed) green sturgeon and deep sea coral habitats in the Pacific Ocean. I will also collaborate with researchers who are relating California Chinook salmon growth, mortality, maturation, and distribution dynamics to freshwater and marine ecosystem variability. My position is part of collaborative effort between Ocean Protection Council, UC Santa Cruz, NMFS, UC Davis, and Humboldt State University. The results from this work will be applied to forecasting the future impacts of increased environmental variability and examine appropriate mitigation options (e.g. bottom-trawl fishing and hatchery practices, water resource management, etc.) to improve population resilience and viability.

photo of David D. Huff