David F. Romo

PhD Thesis Title

A Computerized Sound Analysis Method for Monitoring Anuran Diversity in the Amazon Basin of Ecuador.


Current position

Director Tiputini Biodiversity Station, Director Ethnic Diversity Program, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Quito, Ecuador

Current job description

As director of the Ethic Diversity Program, I am in charge of the recruitment and followup of all Indigenous and Afroecuadorian students. We have a financial aid program for them and we currently have over 150 students. As one of the directors for the Tiputini Biodiversity Station, I represent the university at the Advisory Team for the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, interact with the Ministry of the Environment and promote all conservation strategies for the Station. I have been directly and indirectly involved in conservation strategies for the Yasuní National Park. Among the courses I teach are Conservation Biology (undergraduate and graduate), Ecology and Biology. I also teach a Service Learning seminar and a Science course for the Liberal Arts component of our curriculum. I am devoting my live to the conservation on Yasuni which has been catalog as one of the "most diverse places in the World".