Eric W. Hanson

MS Thesis Title

Monitoring the Common Loon Population in Minnesota: Assessment of the 1994 and 1995 Survey Results, the Accuracy of Volunteers and Aerial Surveys, and the Power of Detecting Trends.


Current position

Vermont Loon Recovery Project Coordinator, Vermont Center for Ecostudies, Norwich, VT

Current job description

I oversee the monitoring, management, and outreach activities of the program that has helped to bring the Common Loon back to Vermont. Over 200 volunteers participate along with several state agencies, lake association, and other conservation groups. A primary focus is to detect new nesting sites and then work with landowners and lake users to determine management and outreach strategies to improve nesting success rates. Most of Vermont's lakes are highly developed and intensie recreational pressure. The job provides a good mix of field work, education, and a bit of reserach. The job is seasonal, thus in the fall and winter I oversee cross country ski trails at one of the leading centers in the Norhteast (Craftsbury Outdoor Center).