Karen G. Schik

MS Thesis Title

The Impact of Agricultural Land Uses Impacts on Wetland Avian Communities: The Usefulness of Avian Guilds and Evaluation of Inpacts of Different Landscape Scales.


Current position

Ecologist and Project Manager, Friends of the Mississippi River, St. Paul, MN

Current job description

Working closely with private, corporate and state landowners, I evaluate and restore natural areas in the Mississippi River watershed in the Twin Cities. We selectively target sites that are important for the river, for connectivity in the landscape, and that are or will be permanently protected. I develop comprehensive natural resource management plans for the properties, ranging in size from 5 to 500 acres or more. I collaborate on grant applications to fund implementation of the plans, then develop detailed restoration plans for prairie, savanna, woodland, and wetland habitats. I hire and oversee contractors and consultants to conduct the work and I conduct on-going monitoring of the sites as we typically stay engaged with a project for many years. I also develop and oversee volunteer restoration events and give various educational presentations.