Kari A. Jacobson

MS Thesis Title

Smooth Brome (Bromus inermis) Invasions in Restored Prairies: Effects of Native Functional Group Composition and Richness, and Soil Disturbance.


Current position

Watershed Specialist, Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, Fond du Lac Reservation, Minnesota

Current job description

I love my job! As a sovereign nation, the Fond du Lac Band has the same rights and responsibilities to protect and conserve the natural resources within the Reservation as a state does within the confines of its boundaries. My job is to maintain the water monitoring protocols (biological, chemical, and physical) agreed upon between Fond du Lac and the EPA for all of Fond du Lac's lakes, rivers, and streams. Basically this means I spend most of the year outside in a canoe on wild rice lakes or in waders in the St. Louis River. Our monitoring helps us maintain the beneficial uses of the water, such as ricing and fishing, and helps us identify areas in need of restoration or protection. I also do a lot of wetland work, delineating wetlands and working on our new wetland quality assessment protocol. Working for a tribe is wonderful because we get to collaborate with other tribes in our region, as well as people from the EPA, state agencies, the county, universities, and environmental organizations. My job also gives me the opportunity to present our research at international conferences.

photo of Kari Jacobson