Kim A. Chapman

PhD Thesis Title

Conserving Regional Biodiversity: Role of Reserves, Rural Lands and Surburbs in the Prairie-Forest Transition, Minnesota, USA.


Current position

Principal Ecologist, Applied Ecological Services, Prior Lake, MN

Current job description

I run a consulting office for a national ecological consulting firm and work mostly in the Midwest on projects involving ecological design, research, and permitting. In all projects I and my colleagues try to balance conservation and development. The most gratifying thing about this work is seeing clients and stakeholders adopt some or all of an ecological perspective, which we develop, in their plans and projects. After being in a non-profit and academia for most of my working life, I've found the private sector challenging yet invigorating--you are severely disciplined in what you can do by project budgets and deadlines--and that leads to a "necessity is the mother of invention" type of creativity.