Kristen L. Blann

PhD Thesis Title

Landscape scale analysis of stream fish communities: lessons from southeastern Minnesota


MS Thesis Title

Catchment And Riparian Scale Influences On Coldwater Streams And Stream Fish In Southeastern Minnesota.


Current position

Freshwater Ecologist, The Nature Conservancy, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa

Current job description

Primarily, I have been working to develop conservation action plans for freshwater systems identified as important to the Conservancy in ecoregional plans. I have worked on a lake portfolio for Minnesota, as well as plans for the Brainerd Lakes and St. Croix Rivers in MN and the Boone River, Cedar River, and other rivers of eastern Iowa. I'm involved with Minnesota chapters of AFS and SCB. At home in central MN, I am learning to raise grass-fed lamb with my partner, and enjoy playing music with friends, in community orchestra, and in a couple of local bands.

photo of Kristen Blann