Michelle L. Wieland

PhD Thesis Title

Wildlife Conservation in Social, Economic, and Ecological Contexts: Multiple Stakeholders and Extraordinary Resource Value in a Congolese National Park.


Current position

Independent Consultant, Kampala, Uganda

Current job description

As a consultant on people and natural resources conservation issues, I am currently working on a few projects related to bushmeat, REDD, and incorporating people into conservation projects in East Africa. Previously I was the head of community conservation for the Wildlife Conservation Society in Southern Sudan before moving to Kampala.

photo of Michelle Wieland with local farmers in the Republic of Congo
Michelle learns from local farmers about resource issues and perceptions of agricultural/forest lands in Conkouati National Park, Republic of Congo.

photo of Michelle Wieland with a local guide, Republic of Congo.
Michelle works with a local guide to interview villagers on their views of the wildlife and forests of Conkouati National Park, Republic of Congo.