Paul M. Mayer

PhD Thesis Title

Using Indicators of Community Structure and Ecosystem Function to Assess the Biological Integrity and Recovery of Restored Prarie Wetlands.


Current position

Ecologist, US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, Ground Water and Ecosystems Restoration Division, Ada, OK 74820

Current job description

I'm an ecologist with the US EPA where I conduct ecosystem restoration research. I develop and direct projects designed to assess various restoration techniques on watershed health, groundwater hydrology, nitrogen and carbon dynamics, and denitrification. My projects include a long-term study of stream channel restoration at Minebank Run, an urban, piedmont stream in Maryland, a study of legacy sediment removal at Big Spring Run, an agricultural stream in the Susquehanna watershed of Pennsylvania, and a floodplain restoration study along the McKenzie River of Oregon. Earlier research in my lab involved work to quantify the mechanisms of invasion of eastern red cedar, an effort to measure nitrogen flux across an old-field to old growth gradient, and a project to assess the influence of fescue grass on detritivores and nitrogen cycling in old-fields here in Oklahoma. I really like my job at the EPA; I get to travel a lot, do interesting research, work with post-docs, grad students and undergrads, and collaborate with lots of really talented colleagues in academia and federal and state research agencies.

photo of Paul Mayer