Robert G. Steinmetz

PhD Thesis Title

Ecological overlap of sympatric sun bears and Asiatic black bears in tropical forest, Thailand.


MS Thesis Title

The Ecology of Gaur (Bos gaurus) and Banteng (B. javanicus) in Xe Pian Protected Area, Lao PDR and Collaborative Conservation and Monitoring of Wildlife in Protected Areas of Lao PDR.


Current position

Head of Conservation Biology Unit, World Wildlife Fund, Thailand

Current job description

I design and implement site-based (usually protected areas) conservation and research projects in Thailand. My focus is on large mammal coexistence, habitat use, and population recovery, but I also research plant community ecology, particularly looking at tree species composition in different forest types. I work closely with local farmers and indigenous people, experimenting with different types of conservation partnerships in protected areas; in conjunction I conduct social science research on conservation-related changes in human attitudes and behavior.

photo of Rob Steinmetz