Brittney Yohannes



Research Interest

Animal Behavior
Conservation & Biodiversity


I have been interested in world of birds from a very young age. During my time as an undergraduate student I became more passionate about avian conservation and developed an interest in field research. Now, as a master's student in the Conservation Biology program, I am studying the nesting ecology of Red-headed Woodpeckers. Most of my study efforts have been concentrated on the population of Red-headed Woodpeckers nesting at the U of MN's Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve in East Bethel, MN. Using a cavity nest camera to take photos and video inside RHWO nests, I am compiling photographic documentation of nest stages, brood reduction, and nest success rates. I am also analyzing banding information of RHWO adults to look into site fidelity and mate fidelity. Such information may shed light on factors contributing to RHWO population decline and provide important previously undocumented natural history about the species. Analysis of brood reduction may also provide a more complete understanding about the nesting habits of this species and perhaps prove useful when creating informed conservation efforts. In addition to this academic study of birds, I also serve in a volunteer capacity as the MN state coordinator of the Rusty Blackbird Spring Migration Blitz and at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.