Michael Verhoeven


University Address

113E North Central Forest Experimental Station-USDA


Research Interest

Community Ecology
Fisheries & Aquatic Biology
Invasive Species
Restoration & Reintroduction


The focus of my research is the ecology and management of aquatic plant invasions. I am examining how mechanisms of community assembly influence the interactions of invasive aquatic plants and native ecosystems. My research aims to positively influence the way that humans interact with aquatic ecosystems by using ecological theory to understand systems in order to inform sound management decisions. My research includes: 
Exploring the mechanisms that create differential success in invasions of aquatic plant communities.  
Evaluating the role of community assembly processes in aquatic invasive plant management outcomes. 
Determining the impacts of the invasive macroalgae, starry stonewort, on native plant diversity in Minnesota lakes and response of the invader to management actions.