Application Timeline

We encourage applicants to have their materials submitted to the Graduate School by December 15 to assure maximum consideration for assistantships and fellowships. Most fellowship decisions are made by mid-January. However, we will also consider applications submitted after this deadline until March 15. Except under unusual circumstances, students are accepted only for fall semester entrance.

Many of our incoming students are supported by first-year fellowships from the Conservation Sciences Graduate Program, the Office for Diversity in Graduate Education, the Interdisciplinary Center for the study of Global Change, and individual faculty. We invite applicants whose interests seem well suited to our program and who we think are strong fellowship candidates to visit in February. At this event, the program will interview these candidates and give them an excellent chance to get to know the faculty, students, and many aspects of our graduate program. If you are among those selected, you will be notified mid-January so that you may contact our travel agent to make reservations. Please note that not all applicants invited will ultimately be admitted, whereas some who do not receive invitations may be admitted.

The second stage of our admission process begins in early March, when we begin formally admitting students. At this point, we are in a position to put together individualized financial aid packages for the students we admit. Financial packages consist of some mix of Fellowships (e.g., Graduate Program, McArthur), Teaching Assistantships, and Research Assistantships.

All Doctoral and Master's candidates can expect notification of admission no later than mid-April.