Administration & Governance

Graduate faculty in the Conservation Sciences (CS) Program contribute to the program by teaching CS courses, advising CS students, serving on graduate student examining and SAC committees, or serving on CS program committees. New graduate faculty members are added to the program by nomination by any CS faculty member, elected by graduate faculty, and appointed by the Associate Dean of CFANS. A current list of CS graduate faculty members can be found on the program website. The graduate faculty has primary responsibility for administration of the program through meetings held at least once a semester and called by the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS).

The DGS is responsible for the daily administration of the program and for communication between the Graduate School and the CS faculty and students. The DGS is nominated following consultation with the faculty and graduate students, elected by the Graduate Faculty, and appointed by the Dean of CFANS. The DGS chairs the Advisory Committee and oversees activities of all three standing committees (as an ex officio member of the Admissions and Prelim Committees).

Three standing committees are responsible for governing the CS program: the Advisory Committee, the Admissions Committee, and the Preliminary (Prelim) Exam Committee. The Advisory Committee is comprises three graduate faculty, with at least one person from each track. The Advisory Committee brings significant policy issues to the faculty at large, assists the DGS with administering funds, assigning fellowships, summer, and bridge funding, makes policy decisions between faculty meetings, assists with curriculum decisions, recommends and nominates candidates for DGS and other committees, and forms ad hoc committees as needed.

The Admissions Committee develops, reviews and maintains application procedures, solicits applications, recruits students to the program, reviews applications for admission to the program, seeks advisors for applicants, selects and nominates prospective students for Graduate School Fellowships, and recommends students for financial support from other sources. The Admissions Committee comprises three or four faculty appointed by the DGS.

The Prelim Committee administers the written preliminary examination for doctoral students. The committee comprises three or more Graduate Program faculty with appropriate expertise to review the variety of proposals produced by Conservation Science graduate students.