Degree Options and Requirements

Students at the University of Minnesota can pursue several degree options in one of the two tracks in the Conservation Sciences program:

  1. Conservation Science (CS) track
  2. Fisheries and Aquatic Biology (FAB) track
  3. Joint Juris Doctor (J.D.) in Law and an MS or PhD in either CS or FAB track.
  4. Minor in Conservation Sciences
    • Master's and PhD students in other degree programs can also minor in either CS or FAB track.


List of courses offered during a specific semester are available via MyU portal once you are admitted.

Required Classes

  1. FW 8452: Conservation Biology - 3 cr. (Fall)
  2. CBIO 8001: Conservation Biology Seminar - 1 cr. (Fall, Spring)
  3. CBIO 8095: Contemporary Problems in Cons. Biology - 1 cr (Spring) -Required only for PhD Degree

Degree Completion Requirements

Each individual degree option has different course requirements. For details please click individual degree programs on the right.