John Berini


University Address

B52 Skok Hall


Research Interest

Animal Behavior
Climate Change & Adaptation
Community Ecology
Habitats & Ecosystems


The northward expansion of warm-adapted plant communities is a well-documented phenomenon of recent climate change. Less well understood, however, is the impact that these changes may be having on resident animal communities. Broadly, I am interested in how climate change may be influencing forage chemistry for large, mammalian herbivores, and how climate-induced changes to forage chemistry may alter feeding and movement behavior, and ultimately, population demographic rates. My current research focuses on how climate change has impacted moose behavior and demographics in northeast Minnesota. Specifically, I am investigating the influences of climate change on the chemistry (i.e., nutritional quality and secondary metabolites) of moose forage and how these changes may be impacting the movement, body condition, and ultimately, population-wide demographic trends of Minnesota's declining moose population.