Julia Leone


Research Interest

Conservation & Biodiversity
Education & Communication
Habitats & Ecosystems


I study the effects of grazing and fire management on butterflies in Minnesota remnant prairies. A primary goal of this research is to provide information necessary for federal, state, local, and private land managers to be effective stewards of prairie plant and insect communities. My research interests include insect conservation and management locally in Minnesota and across the globe. I am excited to work in a field that not only conserves biodiversity but encourages interdisciplinary collaboration to solve complex problems.    


Instructor, FW4102 Principles of Conservation Biology

 Leadership Activities and Outreach:

Co-founder and chair of the Conservation Sciences Association of Graduate Students, Conservation Sciences representative to the CFANS Graduate Student Board, member and former outreach coordinator for Frenatae, the Entomology Graduate Student Association at UMN.

 Scientific Societies:

The Lepidoptera Society

Society for Conservation Biology

Entomological Society of America

Society for Range Management